ADF-Copy App 1.102

Additional drive error checking, bugfixes scp functions

ADF-Copy/Drive Frontend v1.102

All-in-One Version for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Linux, Raspberry Pi and Mac OSX
new & changes:
– the trackgrid now displays the number of retries
– the trackgrid is now clickable, clicking a track shows possible error details in the status windows, selects which track is displayed ind the Histogram and Fluxdetailwindow
– Histogram Window displays the histogram of the flux transitions of the current track
– log10 toggles between logarithmical and linear display.
– write menu
– „Index aligned“: aligns the start of the tracks to the indexhole, the amiga does not need aligned tracks but it looks nice when scanned at flux level.
– Flux Tools Menu
– „Read SCP“ reads a disk at flux level and saves it in SuperCardPro Format
– „Scan Disk“ reads a disk without saving to just inspect the disk
– writing is noch yet implemented
– Fluxdetail window displays the transitions in detail, you can select the recorded revolution with the arrows in the upper left corner
– Diskview shows the track alignment graphically, green means datazone with correct checksum, yellow is the headerzone with correct checksum, sectors with bad checksums are displayed red.
– „Start“ and „End“ lets you choose start and end track, right clicking advances by 10, left clicking by 1 Normal drive should go to track 81, going higher on your own risk. there is no checking of drive capabilities yet.
– „Revolutions“ selects how many revolutions per track are recorded, 3 is recommended.
– „Histogram“, „Fluxdiagram“ and „Diskview“ selects the visibility of the according windows.
Additional drive error checking, bugfixes scp functions

This Version requires ADF-Copy/Drive Firmware 1.100 or later.

Größe: 6.3 MB
Version: v1.102
Published: Dienstag, 14. Juli 2020