Schlagwort: Firmware

New Firmware & Application

New Version available, some new features.

I updated the Interface of the Frontend Application to be more logical and impleted some new features:

  • Compare – reads the disk in the drive and compares it to an adf-file on your harddrive.
  • Format – formats the disk in the drive in OFS, quickformat is available
  • AutoFormat – does the same, but like autorip it prompts you to change the disk and continues formating disks until you hit Abort.
  • Diskinfo – reads the Boot & Rootblock and displays infos and the used blocks bitmap
  • Settings – allows you to edit the timing parameters of adf-drive to compensate for problems with older drives. requires some knowledge about floppy drives, but you can always restore to default settings.
ADF-Copy/Drive Frontend v1.002

All-in-One Version for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Linux, Raspberry Pi
New Features:
– more detailed diskinfo and used blocks
– format disk, format several disks
– changing drive timings for larger compatibility woth older drives, mtp mode on/off, number of retries and saving them to EEPROM
– compare disk to adf file.
– graphical overhaul of interface
– bugfixes of v1.001

Version: v1.002

The new Frontend requires a new firmware so make sure you update your firmware too.

ADF-Drive Firmware v1.001

Updated firmware with new features
– Saving settings in EEPROM, timings for the drive can be adjusted and saved.
– Several bugfixed and new functions for the updated frontend.
– This firmware works with ADF-Copy PCB v3 & v4 and the breadboard layout.

Version: v1.001

ADF-Drive Firmware v0.625 – Filedates & Blinkcodes

New Version available, some new features.

ADF Drive 0.625 Firmware

Updated firmware with new features – Filedates and error blinkcodes

Größe: 100kb
Version: v0.625


  • Time and Date for Amiga Files and the ADF Image
  • watchdog timer: resets the microcontroller after 8 seconds a fatal error occured
  • the internal LED of the Teensy used for signalling errorcodes:
    • 3 flashes then pause: read error
    • 5 flashes then pause: write error
    • slow flashing: out of memory error (might also cause a reset by watchdog)
    • fast flashing: no floppy drive detected or hardware error
  • read / write errors are also displayed as a message as the „DF0:“ drivename
  • formatting of HD Disks with the MTP interface should work now, HD support is still very fragile
  • improved error handling
  • bumped up the read and write retries
  • improved compatibility with Windows 7


New ADF-Drive Firmware 0.621 with Amiga File System support

I made some progress with the ADF-Drive firmware, now with Amiga Filesystem Support included, you can access the Amiga Disk like a usb thumb drive. It should be fully compatible with the ADF-Copy Application. There will be a new version soon.


  • Read / Write Files
  • Create Directories, delete empty Directories
  • Format DF0:
  • HD Disks should work, but they are very fragile, writes might fail.

Not (yet) working:

  • delete full diretories
  • rename files
  • time and date of files
  • some other stuff i forgot :)
  • when writing an adf image with drag and drop on DF0: the Name of the filesystem drive isnt updating correctly.
  • the MTP function won’t work with Windows XP, because of the missing MTP drivers on Win XP

Bugs: perhaps some you will discover, so always use write protect on your important disks.

Important things:

  • When using the ADF-Copy Application the USB funtion will be disabled, to reenable just remove the disk and reinsert it, then the image and filesystem drive will show up again.
  • After a write access wait for the drive light to go off and the motor stop before removing the disk, due to avoid excessive disk access i use some methods to cache the track and write modified track only on track change or shortly before stopping the motor.

You can find the new experimental Firmware „ADF-Drive 0.621“ in the download section, have fun!