ADF-Drive Firmware v0.625 – Filedates & Blinkcodes

New Version available, some new features.

ADF Drive 0.625 Firmware

Updated firmware with new features – Filedates and error blinkcodes

Größe: 100kb
Version: v0.625


  • Time and Date for Amiga Files and the ADF Image
  • watchdog timer: resets the microcontroller after 8 seconds a fatal error occured
  • the internal LED of the Teensy used for signalling errorcodes:
    • 3 flashes then pause: read error
    • 5 flashes then pause: write error
    • slow flashing: out of memory error (might also cause a reset by watchdog)
    • fast flashing: no floppy drive detected or hardware error
  • read / write errors are also displayed as a message as the „DF0:“ drivename
  • formatting of HD Disks with the MTP interface should work now, HD support is still very fragile
  • improved error handling
  • bumped up the read and write retries
  • improved compatibility with Windows 7