ADF-Drive Firmware v1.110

ADF-Drive Firmware v1.110
ADF-Drive Firmware v1.110

ADF-Copy/Drive Firmware
1.110 changes:
– added support for detection of packet loss and slow usb connections

1.100 changes:
– ported the project from the arduino ide to platformio
– added ability to write track aligned to the indexhole of the disk
– rewrite of the write module to improve timing accuracy and smaller memory footprint
– rewrite of the read module to improve accuracy and compensate isr latency
– added ability to read at fluxlevel with ~20ns resolution, requires usb 2.0, a fast host and PCB v2/4/6
– added support for PCB v6, Drives jumpered as B: or DS0/1 should now be detected.
– changed memory usage, this allows for larger directories in mtp mode
– streamlined MTP code for smaller memory footprint

known problem:
– due to the moved stackpointer the firmware hex file is no longer flashable with TyTools, firmware is reported as unknown due to the method of detection TyTools uses.
Please use the Teensy Loader Application instead:

Größe: 157kb
Version: v1.110
Published: Freitag, 31. Juli 2020